Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Bump-date Week 27

Hello Everyone! I hope you're all having a great week so far, I know I am. :) I can't believe I am already 27 weeks along. It seems like we just found out we were being blessed with a child and now we are almost done with this pregnancy. There's only 91 days left until my due date! I know my third trimester is going to fly by with all the holidays fast approaching. Anyway, I am feeling good overall just a few little bumps along the way. 

I have officially switched and already seen my new Doctor and I am so glad I did. I have the dreaded glucose test next week to determine if I have gestational diabetes or not. I am not too worried about it but am not looking forward to having blood drawn again. I had to spend three hours at the doctors last week for my first appointment. That included a urine test, blood work, a flu shot and of course a full exam. Baby Taylor's heartbeat was strong and he seems to be doing great. ♥ 

I love feeling him move and kick, and lately I have been able to feel it a lot more! It's an incredible thing and pretty indescribable. My back and feet have been hurting more frequently now, but other than that I am still able to do most things with no problem. I'll admit getting out of bed and off the couch is a lot harder than it used to be but I know it will all be worth it in the end. I keep joking with my hubby that he needs to invent some sort of device to make these things easier, like a pregnancy cane! Haha. 

I am wearing pretty much all maternity clothes at this stage in my pregnancy and am so glad I invested in some maternity jeans. I have been lucky enough to find some that fit great and aren't too long since I'm pretty short, (Thank you Motherhood!). As for tops Target has seriously been a life saver for me. They carry extra small tops and have such a cute selection. I just got a few new sweaters yesterday at our brand new Target here in Virginia Beach ♥. 

I have been cooking and baking a lot more now that I am staying home and it has been so nice to have time to do these things for my hubby. As far as cravings go, my love for Mexican food has returned and I am craving it all the time! I have also been wanting ice cream after dinner nearly every night, and thank goodness we don't keep it in the house all the time, otherwise I'd probably gain 100 pounds. Other than that nothing too unusual. 

We still have a lot to do to prepare for our little one, like tour our hospital, take a birthing class and register for our baby shower. I am a little behind on all this and it's starting to stress me out but we plan on getting a few of these things done this weekend. Overall I am just looking forward to the next few months and meeting our son! :) 

Here's the info on our little boy this week. It's so interesting to know what's going on in there. ♥ Happy Thursday Lovelies. 

Baby Size
14.5 in
Baby Weight
2 lb
This week your baby looks like a thinner, redder, more wrinkled version of what he will look like at birth, but in the next few weeks more fat will fill out his appearance. Your baby's immune system is continuing to mature as are your baby's lungs which are still practicing breathing amniotic fluid.
Just when you were getting used to your second trimester, you may find new uncomfortable symptoms beginning during your third trimester. You may notice more leg cramps due to the pressure of your uterus on your veins and nerves running from your torso to your legs. Remember to stretch and move your legs to ease or prevent cramping.
Activities this week
Now is a great time to sign up for a breastfeeding class. If you are a first-time mom and planning to breastfeed your baby, it's a good idea to take a breastfeeding class or sign up with a lactation consultant. Ask your doctor or midwife for a recommendation or call La Leche League who can help you locate breastfeeding resources in your area.

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  1. You have the cutest baby bump! I really does seem like you just told me you were expecting! I guess time really does fly! Also you'll be happy to know you are showing up in my google reader again! Yay! :)