Monday, September 5, 2011

Life keeps going

The last few weeks have been so busy I've hardly known what to do with myself. Between the hurricane, working so much and trying to survive this deployment, its been a tad difficult to keep my sanity in tact. With all that excitement we passed the half way mark, and although it still feels like forever until I'll see my hubby again I'm praying the days, weeks, and months pass quickly.

This deployment has really been a tremendous struggle for my husband and I. We have both been missing each other so much and get easily frustrated with this lifestyle and spending two years back to back on deployments and not being able to enjoy any of our newlywed lives together. We just had our two year wedding anniversary last week and I'll admit it was extremely hard facing that day alone.

My hubby was really sweet though and called me the night before (since he is on a different time zone) to wish me a happy anniversary. He also let me get my "upgrade" from my old wedding ring. And I must say, I'm in love!! ♥ It's exactly my vintage style and is soooo beautiful. :) Thank you baby, you are the best and always know how to spoil me!
We ordered him a cruise jacket for him to have and I worked really hard on his anniversary care package. I thought I mailed it too late, but as fate would have it, the package arrived just in time ON our actual anniversary! (It was probably the one and only thing that made me smile that day.) He loved it and enjoyed the cake in a jar I made for him so that made me feel pretty good. (here's a snap shot of his package)
This was probably my favorite thing about this package...decorating is always a lot of fun. ♥
I actually took the time to write out ten things I love most about my husband. I hope he knows I meant every word.

The last few weeks have been a challenge for us and we've had our share of ups and downs. I am really trying my hardest to be a good wife to him and not make this deployment any harder than it has to be. I can't even put into words how challenging it has been for us both, and at this point I am just relying on the lord to help us through it. Without him it just won't be possible. Please say a prayer for us both to be strong and that the lord would strengthen our marriage and allow us to lean on each other instead of fighting or pushing each other away. We could really use the prayers!


  1. I love the 10 things card- how cute! I might have to steal that one for my Hubs! Gorgeous ring also- work it girl!

  2. Prayers and hugs hun! Deployment SUCKS, but you've just got to believe that your love is deployment strong :)

  3. Hey , im going through a deployment myself too and spend a anniversary on my own too so i def feel you! Hope your time will pass by quick!

    I have my sons second Birthday my own birthday , Christmas new years and all the other holidays all by myself to spend in front of me so yeah struggling too. Keep yourself busy and always think he misses you twice as much you do! :)

    Take care Justine!

  4. That care package is super cute! Congrats on the half way mark! How exciting! Oh and your ring is gorgeous! Hang in there!

  5. I really love that care package!