Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashionista Friday

With Fall right around the corner, I have been day dreaming about all the gorgeous outfits I want to wear this season. Since I am a girly girl down to the bone, I thought I'd create a glamorous and feminine outfit, (with a modern take) that embodies everything I'm adoring right now. 

I call it "Pretty in Paris" because that's where I wish I was this fall!

Pretty In Paris

Wet Seal knit tunic
$20 -
Wet Seal skinny jeans
$40 -
Pearl bracelet
£11 -
Wet Seal teardrop earrings
$7.50 -
Wet Seal heart ring
$5.50 -
Wet Seal feather hair accessory
$6.50 -

 First off, I can't get enough of ankle boots this season. They look great with sweater dresses and skinny jeans, or even with a vintage inspired dress and some textured tights. The possibilities are endless! ♥ And I can't believe Wet Seal has this pair for $20!
Right now I'm also loving the destroyed denim and this perfectly pink tunic sweater. 
 I love the addition of the belt to accentuate the waist and for us tiny girls it makes us look a little more full on top, (if you catch my drift).
  I've also been trying to branch out more when it comes to earrings, (most of the time I just wear my pearls) but lately I've been going for some teardrop earrings. I love the way accessories can transform any outfit and just give it that little something extra. 
One of my favorite new accessories this season would have to be statement headbands, like the one pictured above. With the right hair style this adorable headband has the power to pull the entire outfit together and give it a little extra flair. 
It reminds me of one of my fashion icons, none other than the fabulous Blair from GG. Blair is always rocking sensational headbands, and so can you!
What fashions are inspiring you this week?


  1. I love that top! I just wish I could pull off (or feel like I could pull off) belts.

  2. I have been SO obsessed with head bands lately!!