Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Dressed Up: Coffee Shop Cutie

I've been wanting to join in the fun the last few weeks, but alas the ever so lovely bank I call my work place has been working this poor girl to the bone! I finally had a chance to get all dressed up this weekend for my girls date with Sarah and again on Monday for my coffee date with my good friend Jimmy. Go ahead, take a peak! :)

Heres what I wore Saturday night...I had to look good for my girl crush Natalie Portman since I was going to see "Black Swan." ♥
 Heres a better shot, and since I didn't have anyone to take the photos for me please excuse how crappy they! I had to stand on our bed just to get my whole out fit in the photo.
Pretty Fabulous right? ;) Hahaha...not really. Sweater Dress and Boots from "Styles For Less" (aka the worst place to work ever), Leggings and Hat from "Forever 21," Belt from "Khol's"

Monday I decided to dig through my mountain of clothes in the guest room and find something I hadn't worn in awhile. This is what I came up with. :)
I love how comfy this heart dress is, and with tights and a long sleeve tee my "coffee shop" look is complete. ♥
We ended up having a great time chatting and enjoying some delicious coffee at the cutest little coffee shop, "The Daily Grind." Even though it was pouring rain we didn't let that put a damper on our evening! :)
  Over all I had a fabulous weekend spent with good friends, and I had just as much fun getting "All Dressed Up." ♥ Heart Dress and Black long sleeve tee from "Styles For Less"  Hat from "Forever 21" Belt and tights from "Khol's." If you wanna join in the fun head over to No Model Lady's blog and link up! :)



  1. you are so hot! And Natalie Portman is so one of my girl crushes too!

  2. Girl I could have taken your pichhaaa!!!!
    I want to start doing this as well! It seems fun! But the lighting in my apartment is horrendous and I don't have enough space to take a full body shot, so I guess I'll have to wait until next month when the hubby gets home! :)

  3. That dress! :D!
    That's so adroable!