Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Your Stronger than You think...

Often times when I look back on my life over the past year I am astonished at all the hardships, trials, bad days, and bumps along the road I was able to overcome. After waiting nearly a year for my husband to be home and in my arms once more, it was the BEST feeling in the WORLD to see his smiling face and kiss his lips on the pier the day he came home. I don't think I have ever experienced such a happy moment in all my life, (other than when we said "I do"). I was reminded of this when reading Amber's post over at "Goodnight Moon" about Surviving Deployments, and the empowerment you feel once the wretched thing is over with and your relationship has not only survived, but become stronger.

I'm not gonna lie, getting through this deployment was tough, and there were days when it KICKED MY BUTT, and I felt like I would never make it almost a year without my man, especially in the beginning. I have never been so sad, angry, or frustrated in my ENTIRE life, as I have been the last year....But I can say that I am incredibly grateful for going through everything that has been thrown my way. I know the Lord has used this deployment and all my experiences as a result of enduring it, as a way to strengthen my faith and remind me to always go to him for strength and support. I often find myself trying to handle everything on my own, when in reality the Lord is ALWAYS there to help us. Going to the Lord and asking him to help me get through each day my husband was gone, was the smartest thing I could have ever done, and I know I wouldn't have survived without his kindness, love and mercy!

Being a "Deployment Survivor" has given me a new found strength and confidence in myself. I have become so much more independent and stronger than the woman I was a year ago. I no longer wince at the idea of being alone and having to handle things on my own. I have learned to manage our finances, save money for our move, driven 2700 miles across country, moved into our new home by myself, driven my husbands stick shift car, handled all our maintenance issues, installed our band new dryer all by myself, and found my way around a new city. I know now that the struggles I've faced during the last year were preparing me for the rest of my life as an adult, as well as for the immense task of being not just a regular military wife, but a GREAT one.

I am so thankful and proud to see how far I've come and I know this is only the beginning. I know we will have many more training separations, underways, deployments,  and moves in our future, which will only help me grow more and hopefully increase my strength and perseverance. I can also say that although this deployment was hard on my marriage, because lets face it...its hard to have a relationship with someone you never see, but it has also shown me the strength of the love we share and that the Lord can help us through all our struggles. When you love someone, and I mean REALLY love will do whatever it takes to make it work and keep your relationship strong. One thing I am incredibly thankful for is the passion my husband and I share for one another, and the attitude that EVERY DAY is precious. These are all lessons learned from this deployment and the past year of being separated from the man I love with my whole HEART.

Everyday I look at my life and can't help but think how truly blessed we are. I know things aren't PERFECT, but their still pretty darn good. So I'd like to say "Thank You" Deployment, because you tried to BREAK me, but instead you succeeded in showing me my inner strength and determination as well as proving to me that my marriage is stronger than I ever thought possible. I would also like to say thank you to all my family, friends, and fellow bloggers who supported, encouraged me and just listened to me vent while my husband was away! I couldn't have done it without you all! :) So here's to all you "Deployment Survivors" out there, and thank you Amber for sharing with us! If you are currently going through a deployment or have survived one in the past, then grab this button and post a blog about your "Deployment Survival Story." Visit Amber's blog and leave your link so we can all read everyone's posts. I can't wait to read everyone else's survival stories! :) Also today is my good friend, Mrs. Gambizzle's birthday! So hop on over to her blog "Life as a Sailor's Girl" and show her some birthday love!!

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  1. Girl...I LOVED reading every word of this post! You ARE an amazing women and wife to your hubs! Women like you make it possible for our servicemen to do the job that they need to do witout having to worry about all the little things back home.

    Amazing words!!!!! Thanks for sharing your story girlie!!!!! Loved it!

  2. Great post! You are an amazing example of what a military wife is.

  3. Ditto both Amber and Steph! Thank you for sharing your experience, as someone who hasn't gone through a deployment yet, I love reading how others not only made it through but came out stronger! It gives me hope that I not only can but will make it through when my time comes! :)