Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No More Mrs. Nice Guy

I'll be the first to admit that I've been feeling uninspired lately and haven't been in the mood to write about anything. I think I just had a case of the "lazies" and I'm pretty sure I caught it from my husband. He's been on leave for the last few weeks and since I haven't started working yet and we're still getting settled in, we don't have a lot spending money to go out and do much. Consequently, I have felt like pulling my hair out some days and realize how much I need to start working. Sitting at home every day is definitely not for me...don't get me wrong, I enjoy sleeping in and having the luxury of spending my time how I please, but you can only sit inside your house for so long without going stir crazy.

Today started off bumpy and I'll admit I was  more than a tad annoyed with my see he's been cheating on me....thats right, but not with another woman. Oh no....its much worse than that...he's been cheating with his xbox! Since the day he bought that darn contraption he has been GLUED to the TV and I think he even left an indent in our new couch cushion. Its that bad people....I had to go so far as to bribe him with food and threaten him that I would beat him with my flip flops in order to get him to turn off the game. (Does that make me a bad wife? lol) It was all I could come up with because unfortunately being "nice" and begging and pleading was getting me nowhere. I guess sometimes you just have to be the bad guy, or in my case the "beyotch."

This leads me to wonder, what is it about video games and men in their teens and 20's that gets them so addicted to these stupid games? What makes me more mad than having to deal with this, is that there are so many other women who say their husbands/bfs do the exact same thing as my husband. It wouldn't be so bad if he only played for a bit and did so quietly, but its all the shooting, the blaring tv, and the cussing and yelling at his buddies that he's playing online with that I really can't stand. Not to mention sitting around watching my husband play video games ALL DAY, is not my idea of a good time. I understand he just came home last month and he deserves time to relax, but this is getting ridiculous.

Today we had a talk about it and we finally set some ground rules about the xbox. So hopefully from now on things will be better and I won't want to smack my husband upside the head every time I see him playing a video game. He has promised to only play for two hours max and to try and be more quite when he does. We'll see how long it lasts, but I will say this....If things don't get better quick and stay that way, I have a feeling that his new "Halo Reach" game will be disappearing into oblivion. ;) I'm very serious about this....No more Mrs. Nice Guy!



  1. I feel ya honey! From the pulling your hair out because you are going stir crazy at home to the smacking your husband with your filp flops when he plays xbox for so long. I have no clue why they would want to sit there and stare at a screen for a million hours playing shoot 'em up games. Annoying. Way to go, layin down the law. Hopefully it will create more quality time with you. Good luck!

  2. I know it is CRAZY how they can just sit and play for hours. My ex would play from the time I left for school(8am) till I got home from work (10pm). It was insane! I am glad you worked it out and that he is a good guy about it :)

  3. This is funny, I'm sure my Mr will be the same way when he gets home, and gets to spend some "quality time" with his Xbox! The only difference between you and I though is I enjoy playing video games. Now I am not crazy about the "shoot em' up" games, and he is, so I know how annoying those can be. He looks like such a dork with his headset on yelling at his buddies. haha Look up Xbox games, and try to find something that both of you may enjoy playing together!! It may help you learn to tolerate the Xbox a little better! I love the Lego games...Lego Bat Man is a fave of ours, he can be Bat Man and i can be Robin! They are pretty fun too, because you have to talk things out and work as a team!

  4. cute layout :)

    & I totally feel your pain! I've been in your shoes before so now my husband plays his games when im in class :) haha!

  5. I am so thankful Ben doesn't do the video games, I feel like women serious get frustrated by it and I can totally see why. I have been feeling in a blogging slump lately. I feel like a lot of people are :)

  6. Sadly, it's not just guys in their teens and 20's... my husband is going on 30 and is absolutely addicted to the xbox... (right now he's playing Halo Reach)...

    He took his xbox to Iraq with him back in 07 an when he came back in 08 it was toast (literally)... he bribed me with a Coach purse in order to get a new xbox. I told him if he took the new one to Afghanistan and it broke, he wasn't getting a new one. Low and behold, it is toast now too.

    Sadly we have another xbox that someone gave him (i have no idea why someone would just give away an xbox so I was quite surprised when he came home with it)... and that one is staying here. I actually need it as a last resort to get ahold of a friend (a chick no less) that is also addicted to the xbox.

    The hubs tried taking the PS3 with him to Afghan... and I told him I would hurt him. I need that for my blue ray movies.

  7. I feel the same way!! Last weekend when I was with Will all he talked about was this game I bought him that hadn't arrived yet... It is so ridiculous. I don't know why guys seem to think we enjoy watching them play video games we don't understand. Hopefully he'll get sick of playing soon..if that's even possible for guys to do!

  8. That sinks. Good for you for putting your foot down. Thank god my husband doesn't play video games. He'd rather be outside playing the garage, which is fine with me.

  9. We totally have play station rules in our house!! It doesn't make you a bad wife :)

    p.s. I'm a new follower and I can't wait to read more :)

  10. LOL! I am SOOO thankful that Fox has NO hobbies, seriously he always says that his hobby is his family...which melts my heart.

    Good for you for sticking your foot down! You should ground him from time to time on it too! Show him who's boss!