Friday, October 18, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well lovely readers, our pcs is finally over and now we are in the wonderful phase of unpacking and trying to make our new house feel like a home. This time was easier and harder than our first pcs, if that makes any sense. It was easier because I had done it once before, but harder because this time I was doing it with an 8 month old! Boy was that an experience. Even though we had our hearts set on going back to the West Coast and being closer to both our families, I am actually thankful we didn't have to do a cross country trip with an infant. The drive to Florida took us two days and really wasn't too bad at all! Of course in true pcs fashion I got lost a few times the first day we got here and that was super stressful and scary but thankfully my gps saved the day. ;)

The last few weeks have been spent unpacking and fixing up our new house. It hadn't been occupied in quite some time so it definitely needed a little tlc. I am really loving how its coming along though! The outside is looking better all the time, thanks to all my hubby's hard work. We just got a great bbq on sale too since we FINALLY have a backyard of our own! We were also lucky enough to receive a new lawn mower from my in laws and it was such a thoughtful housewarming gift. I am definitely feeling very blessed. ♥

We added a few plants and flowers to the front of the house to give it a more homey feel. I am loving all these gorgeous fall colors!

The inside of our home still needs some major decorating so unfortunately I won't have any photos until thats finished. But we are loving our new house and all the space we have! It's literally three times the size of our tiny apartment back in Virginia Beach. So far Florida has been a great place to live and I'm looking forward to all our adventures here over the next few years. I think it will be perfect for our little family. ♥ 

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