Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lovely Sunday

Today is Sunday, one of my most favorite days of the week because I have a day off from work! We had a wonderful day because the sun was shining and it was just so gorgeous out. The husband & I went to church and the message was really moving. Isaiah has been pretty reluctant to go back to church but I know it's really important for us to go. It recharges our batteries for the week and reminds us to keep focused on what matters most.

We've been going to a new church that I found recently and each time we go Isaiah seems really impatient, like he can't get out of there fast enough. It really bothers me because I know that my husband should be the spiritual leader in our family but he is having a tough time fulfilling that role. I know the navy has made it nearly impossible for him to have any sort of spiritual guidance and or normalcy over the past two years due to his back to back deployments but it is still frustrating to me as a wife. I know that in order for us to have a happy & successful marriage it all starts with our relationship with the Lord. I want to let him lead, but most of the time he refuses to take the reigns.

I've been praying about it recently and this morning I prayed before church that God would speak to him and he would have an open heart to receive the message. It was funny because we got there and he had a sour expression on his face as usual and even sat down halfway through the worship. Part of me was getting mad but I pushed down my anger & told myself to let God handle it. I wasn't going to let his bad attitude ruin the service for me. After the worship was over and our pastor started preaching the message, I started to notice that my husband was listening, laughing & was engaged in what the pastor was saying. The subject he was preaching on? How much we need the church in our lives & that the church needs us.

As he spoke I could see my husband's mood change & it was as if the sermon had been perfectly tailored for our situation. Our pastor went on to say that there will always be certain things at church that you might not like...the music may be too loud, someone might say something that offends you etc. etc. The list could go on and on, but the point is we all need the fellowship and we need to grow up and get over ourselves! I love how frank he is, it's very refreshing when you meet a christian who will actually be real! Anyway readers, the point of this story is that even though things started out bumpy today, they ended beautifully because of the Lord's love. Today I was reminded that if we seek him, he will make himself known to us. :o)

So now I leave you with a scripture from today's message that I love, "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." - John 13:35

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  1. We're in kind of the same boat. That's awesome that it was a good message for him!