Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventures in St. Augustine

Since moving to Florida we haven't had the chance to explore too much, but one place I can't get enough of is St. Augustine. Maybe its the history geek in me but I absolutely love visiting the oldest city in the U.S. We've been several times over the last few months and still haven't had time to do everything on my list. While my mother in law was here we went and walked down the historic streets and ate at a couple little restaurants and did some sightseeing. We visited again a few weeks ago with some of our friends and I was lucky enough to get lots of good photos. ♥ 

[The husband and I...The first picture we've had taken of us in forever!]
 [Sightseeing and shopping...]
 [Mother and son enjoying the day together. ]
[Palm trees everywhere...I love it!]
 [All the shops are so adorable. Almost makes you feel like you've gone back in time.]
 [Bubby was ready for some french fries ;) ]
[French Fry Heaven, and belive me it was...♥]
[Loaded baked potato french fries] 
 [Castillo De San Marcos off in the distance]
 [Crepes Elizaveta from The Mermaid Cafe] 
 [An old spooky graveyard]
 [Flagler College...This photo reminds me of a postcard.]
 [I love the architecture of this building]
 [Bubby and Daddy bonding time]
[Overlooking the water on top of The Castillo De San Marcos]
 [Mommy and son ♥]

 [Overlooking the happy place.]
 [Be still my heart] 

[The most beautiful view I've seen in a long time...]

Being able to visit gorgeous places like this is what I love most about being a military family. I doubt we ever would have made it out here otherwise, and I'm so thankful for days like these. ♥ 

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