Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Guest Room...Finally!

Procrastination is a bad habit and one that I am trying to break. How successful that will be, I have no idea but at least I'm trying. ;) We moved to Florida in the beginning of October and just now finished putting our guest room together. 

Don't judge me, I have an almost one year old who gets into EVERYTHING and it's extremely hard to do something like overhaul a junk room by myself. 

Before today that room was a scary place. It was filled with junk, halloween decorations I had taken down and not properly put away and a ton of baby clothes and gear Jeremiah has outgrown. Until now I had been avoiding it like the plague. 

I spent nearly all day organizing and storing items in the closet and getting all the junk out of there. I threw out so much useless crap we'd accumulated over the years and it felt really good.
 We're on a budget so we decided to check out wal mart for some inexpensive furniture and decor. We ended up getting some great stuff for very little and I am loving how our guest room turned out. I already had the bedspread and curtains so we really only needed a few things. 

My husband was a champ and spent the afternoon putting the tables and shelves together while I organized. When we were finished I told him I think I will be moving in there since its prettier than our room. Haha! 

Jeremiah thought it was pretty cool too and decided to test out the bed. He made himself right at home and snuggled up on a pillow. ♥ 
I really love these little end tables we picked up and I'm just swooning over this lamp. 
I still need to add some more nick nacks and picture frames to our little shelves but for now we have a scentsy in there and a picture from our honeymoon. :) I'm going to add some family photos and a few of jeremiah to make the room complete.
 We finally hung the curtains and got it all finished and it just feels so homey now. I'm also in love with this rug! I wish they had it in other colors so I could get one to match my bedroom. 
I wish I could say all the rest of my house looked as pretty but sadly we are still far from having it finished and really feeling like a home. We still have plenty of curtains and pictures to hang before that mission is accomplished. Maybe its the military spouse in me, but I just hate having to redo everything each time we move, which for us is a lot more than most people. 

I'm hoping we can keep up some of this hard work and get the rest of our house looking better before my sweet mother in law comes to visit this week. I can't wait for her to see this room and enjoy it! I am also looking forward to a visit from my mama in the next few months as well and know this room will get lots of good use for our guests. ♥ 

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  1. Your quest seems so cozy. I love the designs and the settings, it looks simple and clean.

    Military spouses

  2. It looks great giry! I always say I put the pro in procrastination! Lol