Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Last Day of Freedom

Today is officially the last day of my hubby's leave and we both go back to work tomorrow! I am amazed at how fast the last two weeks have flown by and that he has already been back in Virginia for a month now. Why does it seem like time goes by insanely fast when they are home but drags on endlessly while they are gone??? It's something I'll never understand! 

Although it has been so nice to have a month off of work I'll admit I was starting to get a little bored. I am excited to see all my coworkers and to be making some money again! :) I'm hoping things are less stressful once I go back but after talking to some of my coworkers I suspect things have only gotten worse. I'm just gonna keep praying and trying to stay positive and get through each day so I'm hoping that will help. 

Since today was our last "official" day of freedom we spent it relaxing at home & watching movies. We also took a drive by the ocean and got some yummy pizza and wings for dinner. Now I'm off to snuggle with my hubby before we both have to hit the hay! ♥ Goodnight! 


  1. I'm so glad u guys enjoyed ur time together! It really does go by too fast!

    But my husband and I will be moving to Virginia this fall once he returns from this deployment! Small world! :)

  2. Time flies when you are having fun! Hope you have a great first day back at work! :)